The U.S. ACE Framework

Tom Bowman and Deb Morrison, Eds. 2020.

After decades of inspired but fragmented efforts, 150 highly diverse Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) leaders joined forces in 2020 to build a strategic roadmap for encouraging, informing, and empowering the public to tackle the climate crisis. This vision for the implementation of ACE in the U.S. is co-signed by over 400 ACE-related organizations and experts.

"This Framework is built on the best of cross-sector thinking and engagement and reinforced by climate and social sciences. It recommends the first and best path forward as a nation: by and for The People" - Sarah Sutton, Cultural Sector Lead at America is All In

Empowering climate action in the united states

Tom Bowman and Deb Morrison, Eds. 2020.

Empowering Climate Action in the United States includes An ACE National Strategic Planning Framework for the United States as well as additional context and a collection of essays from ACE experts including Bill McKibben from, Edward Maibach M.P.H. Ph.D. from the George Mason Center for Climate Change Communication, Sherri Mitchell - Weh'na Ha'mu Kwasset J.D. from the Land Peace Foundation, and Taylor Morton from WE ACT for Environmental Justice. The book is available as a physical book or an e-book.

The UNFCCC Article 6 Action for Climate Empowerment agenda plays a crucial role in directing humanity to respond to the climate crisis... This is an urgently needed effort. I urge policymakers to embrace this framework for engaging and empowering the public to act on climate." - Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor at Penn State University

Papers on the U.S. ACE Coalition and related activities

Policy Brief from the BIPOC Climate Justice Dialogue

Isatis M. Cintron-Rodriguez, Felicia Davis, Sherri Mitchell - Weh'na Ha'mu Kwasset, and Henry Lancaster.


Equitable and empowering participatory policy design strategies to accelerate just climate action

Isatis M. Cintron-Rodriguez, Haley Crim, Deb L. Morrison, Frank Niepold, Jen Kretser, William Spitzer, Tom Bowman.

Journal of Science Policy and Governance 18, no. 2. 2021.

Building capacity, momentum and a culture of climate action in the United States

Tom Bowman, Isatis M. Cintron-Rodriguez, Haley Crim, Timothy Damon, Cyane Dandridge, Jen Kretser, Deb L. Morrison, Frank Niepold, Kristen Poppleton, William Spitzer.

Environmental Research Letters 16, no. 4. 2021.

Papers on ACE in the U.S.

A new green learning agenda: Approaches to quality education for climate action

Christina Kwauk and Olivia Casey.

Brookings Institution. 2021.

K-12 Climate Action Plan

Aspen Institute. 2021.

Unleashing the creativity of teachers and students to combat climate change: An opportunity for global leadership

Christina Kwauk and Rebecca Winthrop.

Brookings Institution. 2021.

un Documents about ACE

Action for Climate Empowerment Guidelines


Exercise of the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association as essential to advancing climate justice

Clément Nyaletsossi Voule.

UNFCCC. 2021.